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What does it mean for you

What does a Health Coach do?

Coaching is a relationship that empowers you to make changes that are motivating & personally

meaningful. The key to coaching is the belief that YOU are the expert in your own life. The coach's role is not that of an expert who makes a diagnosis or tells you what to do. Coaching is not counseling or therapy. You are an active participant and are expected to do most of the “work” of coaching. The coach’s expertise is in guiding you to self-discover strategies that you can sustain over time.

As a Health and Wellness Coach I will offer you support, guidance, accountability, experience, motivation, and education.

FREE 1-1 Consultation

There is no one else exactly like you, and I take a bio-individual approach to help you find your way towards wellness. Your free 1-1 Consultation starts with a phone call or email. After completing simple health history forms, we would meet and talk about how you can benefit from health coaching.

Meet Tobi Jedrey, Holistic Health Coach

Meet Tobi

It’s no wonder my journey has led me to this role as a health coach. I have always been active and I enjoy learning about the body & mind connection. My decision to become a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is the result of my life's experience working towards true wellness, and I find joy in helping others do the same  ... read more

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Feed your soul with Tobiwell Health Coaching

Feed Your Soul

Is it time for you to tell a new story?

Green vegetables - Tobiwell Health Coaching

Nourish Your Body

Do you struggle with managing your weight?

Buddha - exercise your mind with Tobiwell Health Coaching

Exercise Your Mind

Do you feel empty even though your days are full?

Why Work with a Health Coach?

Are you confused by food choices & diets?

Do you want to eat healthier & cleaner?

Are you struggling to address your goals?

Do you want to learn techniques to reduce stress?

Are you dealing with heightened cholesterol, diabetes, and/or high blood pressure?

Do you want to bring more movement into your lifestyle?

Do you have an interest in yoga, meditation or breathing techniques?

Do you seek physical, mental, and spiritual health?

Let's talk about your story.

Thanks, talk soon!

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