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What does it mean for you TO BE WELL?

Here is what we can do for you ... together

You are what you eat ... including the food you prepare, the liquids you drink, the air you breathe ... the thoughts you think.

1-1 Coaching

Health and Wellness coaching is so much more than just your physical health.  

As your health and wellness coach, I will help guide and support you in achieving your own personal goals, empowering you to make changes that are motivating and personally meaningful. We will first go over your Free Health History Assessment to see what areas of your life you are thriving in and what areas can use some support. In our first coaching session we will talk about your story, what you are doing now, and your goals. As your Health Coach, my goal is to help you live the life you crave - to support, guide, and hold you accountable on your path to health and wellness, wherever that road may take you.


A typical program consists of twelve visits, two sessions a month for six months. During this time, meaningful change can be realized.


You have power over your choices.
Which ones make you sick?
Which ones make you sing?

The 6 Month Program

Over the course of six months, you and I will have two sessions per month. Throughout the process, I will provide you with support, guidance, education and accountability that will feed your soul, nourish your body and exercise your mind ... so you can make changes that are motivating and personally meaningful.

Mind / Body / Movement

Drawing on my experience as a yoga teacher since 2009, I'll share with you movement and mindfulness techniques that are useful in managing stress and quieting anxiety.

Kitchen Clean Up

Together we will determine which foods serve a purpose in your kitchen, and which do not, making space for a healthier way of nourishing you and your family. 

Guided Grocery Shopping

Making wise choices while food shopping can be difficult and overwhelming. I'll help you navigate the grocery store, decipher labels, plan meals and answer your questions.

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